Advance technology ‘virtual reality’

Do you love to play smart film games? Have you ever thought that what is the science are there behind the device’s games? Well, people are going crazy about gaming because people love to play the games and they always want AV Solution Malaysia entertainment and that is why the inventors inventing the games and their substitute.

And now these games are taken place in our mobile phones and computers and that is why people love to play the games in their houses and those games are looks like reality and that is why many people who are the lover of games those play it at home without going to any another place from home. Like cricket, shooting, tennis and many other games  

Now the question is what is the science behind the games which we play in our computers, mobiles and where we can play the games on our devices? Well, science is behind all the gaming and many more things like 3D cinema and many more places where we can feel this technology. So the technology name is the virtual reality, this is a kind of science in which we are living now and in our future people will leave in this.

What do you mean by virtual reality? 

Virtual reality is a technological science that is based on reality. Virtual reality is providing you a real look whenever you use this technology. If we talk about the history of this topic then we will get to know that it was started discovering in the 1860s that Antonin Artuard was described as a theory about its illusion. After this Morton Heiling wrote in his theory that this is the science in which we describe as virtual reality and in this reality, we get to feel some senses like, sound, sight, smell, and touch. And that is why it looks like a reality


What things make this technology special?

There is much special technologies are available which make it too much special and useful technology. So this technology gives you a feel of sound, sight, smell, and touches as well as it also gives a three-dimensional picture which provides us a look like a reality that is why the virtual reality is a very important technology


Uses of virtual reality

There are many uses are available for the virtual reality, so we will look it in these points

  • Training purpose: – it is very useful for the training purpose because it has the sense to provide the right information in the front and that is why the army, air force, NASA, and many more places it is being used as a technology
  • Gaming: – this technology has become the part of the gaming industry because this technology provides us a perfect illusion as compare to reality and we can play perfect games
  • 3D cinema: – now the film directors are introducing the new technology which is based on virtual reality to give a perfect sense of reality

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